Brush off the dust//

I've been working on myself for several months with the time I have been given.  I have spent a huge chunk of my life simply working on myself. I think that anyone who feels 'stuck' has to start moving in some way to become unstuck. Although I thought it would be an overnight process and that the motivation would come rushing back in a month or two, the truth is.. the feeling never subsided.

I have been able to spend time discovering things I never had the time to before. I was miserable, uninspired, stuck, and feeling lost. I spent the last few months learning how to swim, getting in better shape, spending time with family + friends, having fun, talking it out to a therapist, and discovering what is truly important to me. I never realized how muddled those simple things can be. I thought that I would always know what was truly important to me, but I wondered back then why I was letting those 'important' things get sidelined.  I guess the bills had to be paid and the idea of what I 'should' do got twisted in my head. I should get a full time job and work and work and work to save for my future and so forth, but along the way, I lost my sight of what I want to do, not what I should do.

Anyways, I guess that's why I am writing this now. I don't feel like I am completely done searching and experimenting, but things don't feel so foggy anymore. I read an article somewhere that said that when you stop and start to fight for the happiness you deserve, the universe lines up to help you. I wanted to believe it and I decided to do what I wanted to do most, despite everything I thought I should do. I worked up that courage to put myself + happiness first, regardless, but before I even had to, something better happened. That's all I'm going to say and it's allowed me to have exactly what I needed and wanted - time to do some soul searching. I mean I hope it works out that way for everyone. You just have to meet the universe half way. And so I present you with this amazing thing down herreeeee:

So with all that said, I finally did something productive- I updated my website! (mainly design work I had from my previous job) so check it out - promise you won't be disappointed! Check it out here!
The two pages I updated was design + editorial + illustration.