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I've finally made it! Tonight is the opening night for the grad show! Open until Sunday! Come see the year round work of all the graduates tonight!  I'll post up my work, photos after the show!!  See you all there!


Book Jacket Illustration!

For my "Riel to Nationhood : A History of the Metis People" class, we were to illustrate a reissued version of the Palliser Expedition in the perspective of Peter Erasmus, one of Palliser's guide and interpreter. My idea came from reading several chapters from Buffalo Days and Nights, where upon their journey, low on rations, they finally caught one trout to feed six men. The imagery was quite powerful. I'm quite happy with the result:

Close-up of the trout, which is my favourite part.

On another note, I'm almost done my thesis! Which will be posted soon!


Black & Whites

Something I drew for a Transformation Project. You can check it out in flesh form :

Exhibition and Publication Launch Party at XPACE Cultural Centre
Time and date: Saturday, March 24th, 1 PM- 6 PM

The piece below is an illustration I did for The Newspaper @ UofT about TSoundcheck [ It's a way for you to connect to classical music and the TSO. Anyone between the ages of 15 to 35 is eligible to buy tickets to Toronto Symphony Orchestra concerts at just $14 per ticket.-from their website. ] 

Till next time I will be working away on my Thesis, which I have yet to post. - _____- 


Walking Cycle

I did this animated GIF for my walking cycle assignment for my game design course! Drawing the character was a lot of fun!
Here it is ( click on it to let it play )


Gutterbird Poster

Hey You Shindiggers.

Life gets in the way of blogging and posting up new work, and now that I've accumulated a pile of new work, the task is thus even more daunting than before.

 But here is a sneak peak at the poster I did for Gutterbird and their show on the 26th of this month. Come one, come all.  Best thing is that it's FREE.