Only Thang Missing is... cookies!

Yes I said it, been thinking, talking, dreaming about cookies all week. However, I finally got some spare time to upload all these photos from CANZINE! They're mostly of my process and what I made for the fair!

Me, making extra zines @ Bathurst Station 45 minutes before Canzine started.

Art Prints for sale!

Overview of my table.

Large Books with a watercolour portrait as the cover and back.

Large Books, fronts, piece from the 6 x 8 Exhibiiton as the cover.

Back cover of the book.

Miniature Beetle Notebooks!

Handmade Gift Wrap!

I wrapped each book in a band with illustrations of beetles.

Close up of another beetle book, my personal favorite.

Group shot!

C'est Fini!

Canzine was a great, fun filled, and exhausting experience. Funny story, I actually stayed up till 7:30 am that morning to finish everything, because of my school workload. When I woke up @ 930 am to leave for Canzine, I was having serious thoughts about not showing up, probably the lack of sleep was getting to my head. I'm glad I decided to stick to it, no matter how exhausted, but I'm not sure whether to call this madness, or dedication?

Till the next adventure! I need me some cookies.