Radiohead / 2+2 = 5

for my graphic design 2 class, i was assigned a project to design a cd cover for a song with either a political, environmental, or humanistic message. i chose 2+2=5 by Radiohead:

here is the finished product / my concept was to use signage to be a metaphor for the constant control we are put under, how we are presented with instructions, options, directions, and which ways we are permitted to go and that there are no other options.

quite pleased with the final product, and added EMI logo, copyrights, and barcode to make it look more complete and genuine.   i think i can attribute the folding to my origami practice lately. >.<  !!!

aside from that, i'm also working on a piece for the 6 x 8 exhibition for the paper place!  pretty excited for that.  more to come!  as always.

> random note : flipped through a book that was full of ideas and one of them was :


thought it was neat, just a thought if anyone is bored / stuck /wants to try something new.