i've been found out.

found an afternoon dedicated to making some notebooks. i wanted the moleskines, but thought homemade would be more meaningful and save me a couple of bucks. tried my best with the camera i got to get a good shot at the books i've made. ta-da :

also added neat little titles with Letraset ( type transfers ) to 'categorize' them .  on a random note, seeing my posts always have some random aspect / point / note / statement :

today i watched kung fu panda 2 + watched a street crew breakdance + tried ramen noodles .  all quite random.

if you are up for good laughs, a touching movie, already a fan of the first movie, then this one is definitely worth your time and cash.  [ sorry i have no photos of the breakdancers nor the delicious ramen noodles ] 

now time for showing what my time has been devoted to : learning . i *heart* graphic design . or what i have learned so far.  i have just begun so i am in extremely beginner territory but it's all very exciting.  mostly we've been learning fundamentals of design and doing exercises and small projects.  here is one i am quite proud of.

the project was to create a series with clear alignments ( along with other goals ).  i tried to incorporate size contrast without eliminating white space.  i also like how the counters in the type filled up accidentally when i selected it.

the next project should have me using my conceptual skills more so.  >.<

i'll leave you with a tune i adore and the music video is beautifully addictive to watch.


  1. where did you have the ramen noodles? that sounds delicious, i went to ajisen noodles and it was pretty good. i'm glad you're getting into graphic design!

  2. thanks jess and i ate them at kenzo :) on dundas street west :)