Book Binding 2 !

i met up with my friend kelly the other day and we walked down queen street  + headed to the paper place!!!  it was magical :)   but we had a long conversation about projects we wanted to do during our walk, i was so inspired i went home and made a book !  i haven't taken any classes for bookbinding, so just using my mind to try to work things together! [it's a labor of passion]

1. i made my signatures

2. my homemade way of binding my book together.

3. all tightly tied together!

4. added a hardcover for sturdiness

5. my cover! [ from the paper place, it was small so only .75 cents ]

6. the finished result!

[ my scraps  ] 

i'm quite happy with my book!  just not sure what to fill it with >.<  any suggestions?

remember these from a year ago?  it was just watercolour washes of a vague face and i found it in my bag of homemade books + inked it :)

i *heart* books :)


  1. This looks great dude! Love your stitching on the binding, so intricate! I still suck at multiple signatures - teach me your skills!

  2. KARA!!!!! it's so pretty! ahhh you gotta teach me how to do the cover~ i haven't tried making the book cover out of one piece yet! and the stitching is really nice~ i kind of wish i could see it on the spine! the detail is so pretty~
    let's make more! but together! >:D

  3. Thanks guys. I don't think it's the "proper" way to bind a book lol but I just keep trying to find a way to make books :) i wanna make more! we should a book making party!!!!

  4. The one at the top, with the red cover, definitely takes the cake! Nicely done! How did you sticth it?