This Is How It Goes...

Summer rain and sketchbooks
One night coming home, I had this image / idea reoccur in my mind so many times, where I simply decided to illustrate it.

Blind Faith : 
Finding spirituality and beauty in ordinary places. 

Thanks to Naseer for showing me a way to change the line colors!

the final illustration here.


Pocketful Illustration

This post is specifically for Jessica since she seems to notice that I don't blog as often as I used to. So this one is for you, Jess!

There are those simple realizations that make your day.  I submitted this ol' illustration for Pocketful Illustration Magazine and is published in the 5th Issue!  You can find it here, amongst other wonderful illustrators and their work as well!

If you're curious as to what Pocketful Illustration Magazine is :

"Pocketful is a printed, ad-free illustration magazine, curated and edited by Selin Yurdakul.

It is issued two times a year, since July 2008, printed on demand (POD) and sold at Amazon.com.

The idea is simple. There are a great number of illustrations out there on the internet. People -like me- from different corners of the world put their works online, just to share them with others. But those works don’t appear that often in the illustration magazines we usually read. So I basically thought having an illustration magazine which aims to put together and print those illustrations would be a good idea." 
- from the website.

Random Notes:
BMV has some great deals! I wanted to get some design books, but decided to put it on hold until after a couple of months!  

I went to the Ocad Grad Show; some amazing illustrations there for sure! I'm definitely inspired to do my thesis the following year!

I <3 Salad King's curry! So amazing!  I want to try this restaurant Guu that Jessica keeps talking about, but she tells me they're quite popular so I'd have to go there precisely at 5 pm when they open.

I'm currently working on this piece and I'm quite excited about it!  More info next post~