Shake The Glitter

Summer vacation is here!!!  ... or until May 16th ... when my summer courses begin! I'm finally taking my graphic deisgn courses! ( Hope to have new works to post! )

I have been a little preoccupied with my little life that I forgot to update me ol' blog here!


1. Official new portfolio website!  [ It needs a few tweeks here and there, but I'm happy it's finally done! ]
 > did it through dreamweaver , which is a learning experience with lots of tutorials! <

2. New illustrations!

 Past | Present | Future .
.. a sketch in my loveable sketckbook that I wanted to finish!

This started as a drawing for my promotion assignment, but I like the way I drew the vintage scuba diver guy there so much that I decided to go all out and finish it!  I guess I'm playing around and simply trying to improve, as always. 

I am SUPER excited to get my mac book pro next week!  I am determined to learn the basics of the programs for my courses! I wonder if this will affect my illustrations?  I guess we shall see! Greatly anticipating what's to come! 

Again any feedback, comments, questions are welcomed ! ( about the new illustrations, my new website, or anything else! )


I'll end with my quote of the month : [ yes, I have monthly quotes on my erasable calendar ]

"Nostalgia is a seductive liar." - George Wildman Ball


  1. i love the scuba diver... beautiful colors
    and my macbook pro is my baby.. you're going to love yours!

  2. thanks! I'm a pc user so the transition should be fun!