Heartless : Spring 2011

Aii yaaa... I have neglected my blog so.. but here is some thrilling new work that I did for Heartless' debut EP album that should be available this spring 2011! I enjoyed working on these peices quite a bit! They're all a combination of traditional watercolor, pen, and finished digitally!

Of course, if you're just dying to listen to Heartless and can't wait, they have a myspace page!

 Heartless Cover:
This one is my personal favorite amongst the rest.

Inside the slip case and behind the cd :

Behind the album :

I'm pretty psyched to see how this turns out when it's an actual 3-D tangible cd case! I'm definately getting one!  Besides Heartless, I have mainly been drawing in my sketchbook, thinking of drawing out a comic, and other projects that I'm trying to complete!  O blog, I will try not to neglect you again...

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