Jumble Jumble

Been experimenting and painting away in my sketchbook. I'm trying out acrylics instead of watercolors here and the colors are more intense.Lots of extreme doodling here. haha.

A random study of Ganesha and the symbolism related to the famous figure...

The mood in this one reminds me of Fallout and the wasteland environment as well as all the strange happenings and creatures that occupy the game space.

There is something really surreal about this one.. I love the way the red ink bleeds. Also the letters are LETRASET : rub on fonts! Only around 3 bucks a set! Why do I always start sounding like an advertisement from the 50's?It must be my enthusiasm!

But on other notes, I'm super EXCITE for my graphic design minor, and for a new website that we're all working on for class!

Ignore the image quality, but I thought I would share this nifty little thing I discovered while being sick... My brother bought me a pack of Halls : Cough Drops, and when I opened the packaged... I discovered that on each individual wrapper came with tiny motivational  sayings to cheer you up while you're feeling under the weather.  Pretty nifty.