Only Thang Missing is... cookies!

Yes I said it, been thinking, talking, dreaming about cookies all week. However, I finally got some spare time to upload all these photos from CANZINE! They're mostly of my process and what I made for the fair!

Me, making extra zines @ Bathurst Station 45 minutes before Canzine started.

Art Prints for sale!

Overview of my table.

Large Books with a watercolour portrait as the cover and back.

Large Books, fronts, piece from the 6 x 8 Exhibiiton as the cover.

Back cover of the book.

Miniature Beetle Notebooks!

Handmade Gift Wrap!

I wrapped each book in a band with illustrations of beetles.

Close up of another beetle book, my personal favorite.

Group shot!

C'est Fini!

Canzine was a great, fun filled, and exhausting experience. Funny story, I actually stayed up till 7:30 am that morning to finish everything, because of my school workload. When I woke up @ 930 am to leave for Canzine, I was having serious thoughts about not showing up, probably the lack of sleep was getting to my head. I'm glad I decided to stick to it, no matter how exhausted, but I'm not sure whether to call this madness, or dedication?

Till the next adventure! I need me some cookies.



(poster from here)
OCT 23 / 1-7 pm / 918 Bathurst Centre BE THERE.

that is all.


6 x 8 Exhibition : Paper Place

something I did for the Paper Place 6 x 8 Exhibition.  have lots of new work, but haven't had time to post it up yet! So keep those eyes peeled for some new illustrations and design work!  For now you can see the piece above in person at the 6 x 8 exhibition :

Check it out tomorrow @ 8:30 pm at the Paper Place! The show runs until the 30th!

You can find directions here.


Radiohead / 2+2 = 5

for my graphic design 2 class, i was assigned a project to design a cd cover for a song with either a political, environmental, or humanistic message. i chose 2+2=5 by Radiohead:

here is the finished product / my concept was to use signage to be a metaphor for the constant control we are put under, how we are presented with instructions, options, directions, and which ways we are permitted to go and that there are no other options.

quite pleased with the final product, and added EMI logo, copyrights, and barcode to make it look more complete and genuine.   i think i can attribute the folding to my origami practice lately. >.<  !!!

aside from that, i'm also working on a piece for the 6 x 8 exhibition for the paper place!  pretty excited for that.  more to come!  as always.

> random note : flipped through a book that was full of ideas and one of them was :


thought it was neat, just a thought if anyone is bored / stuck /wants to try something new.


Book Binding 2 !

i met up with my friend kelly the other day and we walked down queen street  + headed to the paper place!!!  it was magical :)   but we had a long conversation about projects we wanted to do during our walk, i was so inspired i went home and made a book !  i haven't taken any classes for bookbinding, so just using my mind to try to work things together! [it's a labor of passion]

1. i made my signatures

2. my homemade way of binding my book together.

3. all tightly tied together!

4. added a hardcover for sturdiness

5. my cover! [ from the paper place, it was small so only .75 cents ]

6. the finished result!

[ my scraps  ] 

i'm quite happy with my book!  just not sure what to fill it with >.<  any suggestions?

remember these from a year ago?  it was just watercolour washes of a vague face and i found it in my bag of homemade books + inked it :)

i *heart* books :)


Trials and Beginnings

i did these the day i was supposed to be writing my essay :p, but no worries, i'll finish my essay. thought these were kinda cool, just messing around with photoshop, i'm no expert at the 3D part yet, but thought i would post what i did. for the spongebob ball; i simply made a sphere and wrapped a spongebob wallpaper around it ;P.

for class, we're to design a book cover, and this drawing was for an idea that i had before my teacher approved another idea.. this is how far i got. hehe i've also been trying out painter 11, but have nothing to post...yet . i like how the guy was turning out, but my concept was rather plain, and i wanted a stronger one rather one that was just executed nicely.  so hope to post that when i'm done :)


i've been found out.

found an afternoon dedicated to making some notebooks. i wanted the moleskines, but thought homemade would be more meaningful and save me a couple of bucks. tried my best with the camera i got to get a good shot at the books i've made. ta-da :

also added neat little titles with Letraset ( type transfers ) to 'categorize' them .  on a random note, seeing my posts always have some random aspect / point / note / statement :

today i watched kung fu panda 2 + watched a street crew breakdance + tried ramen noodles .  all quite random.

if you are up for good laughs, a touching movie, already a fan of the first movie, then this one is definitely worth your time and cash.  [ sorry i have no photos of the breakdancers nor the delicious ramen noodles ] 

now time for showing what my time has been devoted to : learning . i *heart* graphic design . or what i have learned so far.  i have just begun so i am in extremely beginner territory but it's all very exciting.  mostly we've been learning fundamentals of design and doing exercises and small projects.  here is one i am quite proud of.

the project was to create a series with clear alignments ( along with other goals ).  i tried to incorporate size contrast without eliminating white space.  i also like how the counters in the type filled up accidentally when i selected it.

the next project should have me using my conceptual skills more so.  >.<

i'll leave you with a tune i adore and the music video is beautifully addictive to watch.


This Is How It Goes...

Summer rain and sketchbooks
One night coming home, I had this image / idea reoccur in my mind so many times, where I simply decided to illustrate it.

Blind Faith : 
Finding spirituality and beauty in ordinary places. 

Thanks to Naseer for showing me a way to change the line colors!

the final illustration here.


Pocketful Illustration

This post is specifically for Jessica since she seems to notice that I don't blog as often as I used to. So this one is for you, Jess!

There are those simple realizations that make your day.  I submitted this ol' illustration for Pocketful Illustration Magazine and is published in the 5th Issue!  You can find it here, amongst other wonderful illustrators and their work as well!

If you're curious as to what Pocketful Illustration Magazine is :

"Pocketful is a printed, ad-free illustration magazine, curated and edited by Selin Yurdakul.

It is issued two times a year, since July 2008, printed on demand (POD) and sold at Amazon.com.

The idea is simple. There are a great number of illustrations out there on the internet. People -like me- from different corners of the world put their works online, just to share them with others. But those works don’t appear that often in the illustration magazines we usually read. So I basically thought having an illustration magazine which aims to put together and print those illustrations would be a good idea." 
- from the website.

Random Notes:
BMV has some great deals! I wanted to get some design books, but decided to put it on hold until after a couple of months!  

I went to the Ocad Grad Show; some amazing illustrations there for sure! I'm definitely inspired to do my thesis the following year!

I <3 Salad King's curry! So amazing!  I want to try this restaurant Guu that Jessica keeps talking about, but she tells me they're quite popular so I'd have to go there precisely at 5 pm when they open.

I'm currently working on this piece and I'm quite excited about it!  More info next post~


Shake The Glitter

Summer vacation is here!!!  ... or until May 16th ... when my summer courses begin! I'm finally taking my graphic deisgn courses! ( Hope to have new works to post! )

I have been a little preoccupied with my little life that I forgot to update me ol' blog here!


1. Official new portfolio website!  [ It needs a few tweeks here and there, but I'm happy it's finally done! ]
 > did it through dreamweaver , which is a learning experience with lots of tutorials! <

2. New illustrations!

 Past | Present | Future .
.. a sketch in my loveable sketckbook that I wanted to finish!

This started as a drawing for my promotion assignment, but I like the way I drew the vintage scuba diver guy there so much that I decided to go all out and finish it!  I guess I'm playing around and simply trying to improve, as always. 

I am SUPER excited to get my mac book pro next week!  I am determined to learn the basics of the programs for my courses! I wonder if this will affect my illustrations?  I guess we shall see! Greatly anticipating what's to come! 

Again any feedback, comments, questions are welcomed ! ( about the new illustrations, my new website, or anything else! )


I'll end with my quote of the month : [ yes, I have monthly quotes on my erasable calendar ]

"Nostalgia is a seductive liar." - George Wildman Ball


Big Iron

Toodle Doo. Recent Work :

"The secret to happiness is to admire without desiring" - Carl Sandburg

  I'd like to leave this piece to open interpretation. Feedback and comments are welcomed :)


Heartless : Spring 2011

Aii yaaa... I have neglected my blog so.. but here is some thrilling new work that I did for Heartless' debut EP album that should be available this spring 2011! I enjoyed working on these peices quite a bit! They're all a combination of traditional watercolor, pen, and finished digitally!

Of course, if you're just dying to listen to Heartless and can't wait, they have a myspace page!

 Heartless Cover:
This one is my personal favorite amongst the rest.

Inside the slip case and behind the cd :

Behind the album :

I'm pretty psyched to see how this turns out when it's an actual 3-D tangible cd case! I'm definately getting one!  Besides Heartless, I have mainly been drawing in my sketchbook, thinking of drawing out a comic, and other projects that I'm trying to complete!  O blog, I will try not to neglect you again...