Cook a Doodle Doo

Spent an entire afternoon designing a template for my recipe book I made 2 summers ago and kinda abandoned. Thanks to my good pal Jessica, I was inspired to contribute to my recipe book!
Here's what the old thing looks like:

Where I'll be writing my recipes down :

So far I've filled out one for "Vietnamese Style Spring Rolls" + "Pumpernickel Dip" ! Yummy!The little lisard on the stick above the soup, is actually "Iguana On A Stick " from FallOut :New Vegas! I love that game!

I also did a commissioned portrait recently...

Charcoal, 10 x 16.

Anyway, I'm going to make some clothes from patterns and ideas I found online! Also watch my favorite childhood animated t.v series :
Geez, just these pictures reminds me of my simple grade 2 days collecting Sailor Moon action figures, stickers, and being nicknamed as meatball head. Not that anyone should really know these things about me.

English opening ^ But I remember the one at the bottom from when I a kid :

I loved her special pen that would transform her into different disguises!  Haha  Time to watch Sailor Moon fight the Negaverse! haha or listen to it while I sew!


  1. the special pen was my favourite prop too

  2. hahahha the recipe book. i can't believe you abandoned it! it was a genius idea. i still haven't filled anything in my book yet =(( haven't had time to make anything.... YET....

    looks great kara! super cute.