Rest Sir Wreck Shun

One of my to do's for December is to resurrect old concepts of mine that I thought held major potential, but the execution was sadly not up to par with the concept. So for the first day of December, this concept was originally for a school project. The idea was to create a poster for a pill that could inevitably solve everything. My concept was inspired by a traumatic article I read about the polar bears. Due to the damaging affects of global warming, the ice caps cannot refreeze fast enough and thus the hunting time for the bears is decreased resulting in less food. Tourists spotted older bears feeding on their own cubs to survive.

It was also this beautiful short film I came across that sparked my idea for the bear to be on an isolated piece of ice, it starts off as a little flood in his basement :
Polar Bear Man Short : Starring Lee Pace

{if you have 5 minutes, take the time to watch this beautiful short film . I love the metaphor at the end ]

Quite simply I thought wouldn't it be wonderful in that desperate last moment when everything is about to end to just sprout wings and fly away.

I made two different versions, but I'm quite content with the darker purple one. I feel like the bear stands out from the background more.

This here is the original first piece .. improvement, no ? tehee

MORE TO COME! I have lost more to post, but I'll save all of that for when I have nothing to post, which I hope never happens!

Take care fellow bloggers and random internet passerbyers!

Hope this post gave you ideas about recreating old concepts / ideas you've had!

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  1. nice post kara, i'll sure check out the film if i have time later on. mothers/fathers eating their own cubs is heartbreaking :(