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Hehe Tonight was the opening for the show! I should be sleeping right now , but isn't that always the case? Tehee! It was a pretty fun day!

Some PreShow Pictures of Us getting ready and being silly ;P

My pals came down to see the show with me!  [ Left to Right : Michelle, Tiana, Abdi, Jessica, Me!, CJ<3)
@ The SleepingGiantGallery !
Hehe these are the pieces I submitted for the show, and here they are in action! It was SUPER crowded and the art was super packed on the walls but it was quite a sight!
More GREAT work up at the gallery!  I love those 3 portraits! I have to say they are my favorite! I wonder who the artist is!

And nothing like munching down wings + fries at HOTWINGS + some drinks for the night!

I got honey garlic wings and Cj got SUICIDE hot! : he is crazy but cute!hehe totally not relevant, but in case you were wondering what flavour of wings those are!!

It was a pretty awesome night except for some minor confusions, but still quite fun!  I left some of my new cards @ the gallery!  To end ; here are the peices I submitted in 2D form if anyone missed the 3D version tonight!

This piece was about the trials we face as we grow up.  The concept was that she was picking at her 'flower' and playing that old mind game 'he loves me, he loves me not'.  She is trying to decipher if he truly loves her, and is willing to tear a part of her away to find out.  It's simply a metaphor between her flower as her innocence / virginity.

This one was quite simply about the little sexual identities we take on in secret from others.  The little things you never really know about someone.
I'm not too sure why I submitted this in, I just really like it as a piece haha maybe I shouldn't admit this.
It was super awesome and really cold but worth it.  Thank you everyone who came out to see it <3  It will be up until Dec 8-9th!


  1. it was fun and walking around dt in the cold was bad but so worth it haha. suicide hot :S he's a soldier lol.

    i didn't know the story behind the first picture and now that i do, i love it more :)

  2. Ya that missing unicorn poster was hilarious.. random... Thanks, maybe I should've explained my concepts hehe :) thanks for coming out jess <3 you muchies!

  3. hey i hope you don't mind me borrowing some of your pics for my blog :)