A personal piece I did for my boyfriend, except I am an octopus. I felt compelled to paint it since he admired the passion captured within the drawing of the tentacles. I super *liver* him. It's been the greatest 11 months of kara's youngin life <3 . After talking to my good pal Jessica about relationships, I feel like you know you've found that one person you can spend an eternity and more with when : 1] You are both extremely compatible. ( I think Jessica will agree with me here)
2] They love you despite your odd characteristics ( like being an octopus from outer space)
3] You can tell them anything from what you had to eat to your brother's strange beliefs in the new world order
4) There are no arguments! wowza I think this is how it's supposed to be
5]You can always go on adventures and explore with them
6) Secret code words that only two of you will understand and use ( this is a bonus to discuss top secret missions)
7] Friendship is the foundation
8}You both like bananas, monster trucks, cake, and pandas!
9) There is trust naturally, no doubts, insecurities, jealousy, paranoia : which for me is like an ocean without water; it just didn't seem possible. I guess until you enter a completely different and new world. All things you thought were impossible become a reality, your life constantly improves around this person.
10) They are everything you've wanted within a partner, but never thought you would have.

I'm an odd banana and I can be who I really am as long as I have my other banana with me.

* They used to believe that emotions were controlled by the liver, not the heart.
liver = heart

Life is good.


  1. I first thought you wrote liver as a spelling error but when I read the last couple of lines I knew it wasn't a mistake :P

    I just noticed he has heart nipples LOL. Isn't #3 important? I remember our "tent" talk about #3.

  2. Ya I remember , but I remember us talking about compatibility the most!!!! hahha