By The Pound

Woot Woot ! Come out to see the Sleeping Giant Gallery turned into a meat market, except there will delicious art up instead! Art will be sold by the pound and prints by the gram! The show consists of 100 artists as the poster informs : including me! yay :)

Here is more information and the description from the Sleeping Giant Gallery website :


Opening Reception: November 26, 2010 at 8pm

Exhibit runs November 26th to December 9th

The idea behind this exhibit is simple. We are comparing the idea of purchasing art and purchasing meat. People who know their meats and care about quality will typically purchase from a butcher instead of the pre-packaged grocery store stuff, and people who care about the quality of art, and the idea of owning an original instead of a crappy print from ikea will typically purchase from a gallery. SO having said that, we will be converting sleeping giant gallery into a "meat market" with the help of our good friends over at Sanagan's Meat Locker in Kensington Market and for the night of November 26th 2010 we will be selling art "By The Pound".

Here is a sneak preview of one I submitted for the show :

But if you wanna seee more, come down on Friday the 26th @ 8 pm to check it out!!!