Rest Sir Wreck Shun

One of my to do's for December is to resurrect old concepts of mine that I thought held major potential, but the execution was sadly not up to par with the concept. So for the first day of December, this concept was originally for a school project. The idea was to create a poster for a pill that could inevitably solve everything. My concept was inspired by a traumatic article I read about the polar bears. Due to the damaging affects of global warming, the ice caps cannot refreeze fast enough and thus the hunting time for the bears is decreased resulting in less food. Tourists spotted older bears feeding on their own cubs to survive.

It was also this beautiful short film I came across that sparked my idea for the bear to be on an isolated piece of ice, it starts off as a little flood in his basement :
Polar Bear Man Short : Starring Lee Pace

{if you have 5 minutes, take the time to watch this beautiful short film . I love the metaphor at the end ]

Quite simply I thought wouldn't it be wonderful in that desperate last moment when everything is about to end to just sprout wings and fly away.

I made two different versions, but I'm quite content with the darker purple one. I feel like the bear stands out from the background more.

This here is the original first piece .. improvement, no ? tehee

MORE TO COME! I have lost more to post, but I'll save all of that for when I have nothing to post, which I hope never happens!

Take care fellow bloggers and random internet passerbyers!

Hope this post gave you ideas about recreating old concepts / ideas you've had!


Bi De lb

Hehe Tonight was the opening for the show! I should be sleeping right now , but isn't that always the case? Tehee! It was a pretty fun day!

Some PreShow Pictures of Us getting ready and being silly ;P

My pals came down to see the show with me!  [ Left to Right : Michelle, Tiana, Abdi, Jessica, Me!, CJ<3)
@ The SleepingGiantGallery !
Hehe these are the pieces I submitted for the show, and here they are in action! It was SUPER crowded and the art was super packed on the walls but it was quite a sight!
More GREAT work up at the gallery!  I love those 3 portraits! I have to say they are my favorite! I wonder who the artist is!

And nothing like munching down wings + fries at HOTWINGS + some drinks for the night!

I got honey garlic wings and Cj got SUICIDE hot! : he is crazy but cute!hehe totally not relevant, but in case you were wondering what flavour of wings those are!!

It was a pretty awesome night except for some minor confusions, but still quite fun!  I left some of my new cards @ the gallery!  To end ; here are the peices I submitted in 2D form if anyone missed the 3D version tonight!

This piece was about the trials we face as we grow up.  The concept was that she was picking at her 'flower' and playing that old mind game 'he loves me, he loves me not'.  She is trying to decipher if he truly loves her, and is willing to tear a part of her away to find out.  It's simply a metaphor between her flower as her innocence / virginity.

This one was quite simply about the little sexual identities we take on in secret from others.  The little things you never really know about someone.
I'm not too sure why I submitted this in, I just really like it as a piece haha maybe I shouldn't admit this.
It was super awesome and really cold but worth it.  Thank you everyone who came out to see it <3  It will be up until Dec 8-9th!


TeHee New Card!

Heehee I'm going to be soooo sleepy tomorrow :( but I just finished my new card so I thought I would do a brief post!

Here is the old gal 

I made so many different ones with different fonts and positioning, but I'm quite content with this! Yay !  These are my temp cards until I get an official website, then it's back to the drawing board!  Must SLEEP now for painting class :) night nights >.<



A personal piece I did for my boyfriend, except I am an octopus. I felt compelled to paint it since he admired the passion captured within the drawing of the tentacles. I super *liver* him. It's been the greatest 11 months of kara's youngin life <3 . After talking to my good pal Jessica about relationships, I feel like you know you've found that one person you can spend an eternity and more with when : 1] You are both extremely compatible. ( I think Jessica will agree with me here)
2] They love you despite your odd characteristics ( like being an octopus from outer space)
3] You can tell them anything from what you had to eat to your brother's strange beliefs in the new world order
4) There are no arguments! wowza I think this is how it's supposed to be
5]You can always go on adventures and explore with them
6) Secret code words that only two of you will understand and use ( this is a bonus to discuss top secret missions)
7] Friendship is the foundation
8}You both like bananas, monster trucks, cake, and pandas!
9) There is trust naturally, no doubts, insecurities, jealousy, paranoia : which for me is like an ocean without water; it just didn't seem possible. I guess until you enter a completely different and new world. All things you thought were impossible become a reality, your life constantly improves around this person.
10) They are everything you've wanted within a partner, but never thought you would have.

I'm an odd banana and I can be who I really am as long as I have my other banana with me.

* They used to believe that emotions were controlled by the liver, not the heart.
liver = heart

Life is good.


By The Pound

Woot Woot ! Come out to see the Sleeping Giant Gallery turned into a meat market, except there will delicious art up instead! Art will be sold by the pound and prints by the gram! The show consists of 100 artists as the poster informs : including me! yay :)

Here is more information and the description from the Sleeping Giant Gallery website :


Opening Reception: November 26, 2010 at 8pm

Exhibit runs November 26th to December 9th

The idea behind this exhibit is simple. We are comparing the idea of purchasing art and purchasing meat. People who know their meats and care about quality will typically purchase from a butcher instead of the pre-packaged grocery store stuff, and people who care about the quality of art, and the idea of owning an original instead of a crappy print from ikea will typically purchase from a gallery. SO having said that, we will be converting sleeping giant gallery into a "meat market" with the help of our good friends over at Sanagan's Meat Locker in Kensington Market and for the night of November 26th 2010 we will be selling art "By The Pound".

Here is a sneak preview of one I submitted for the show :

But if you wanna seee more, come down on Friday the 26th @ 8 pm to check it out!!!


Ween Ween of the Hallo

How can a part time student become soo extremely busssayyy?!!??!?!?!??!?!?! I've been either working, at school, doing artwork, or some other forth thing and sleeping + some cookies in between :)

Here is a watercolor piece I did inspired by the spirit of Halloween - ya I did this a couple of weeks ago but haven't had time to post!

There will be more to post once I scan my sketchbook! Been MADLY addicted to drawing as of the late... So keep those peeping eyes peeping for more to come in store....