Back on Traaacks...

Been fragalistically busy : and got randomly hooked on my brother's PS3 when I was sick so that equals to not being productive at all, but now I'm back on track :0!

Here is the elemental comic I did but completed and now I just gotta make prints of it :)!

I cropped it via Photoshop to make it cleaner visually!
Right now I'm working on a friend's band cover!!!! Woot! Post on that soontimes! Also a new card that should be kicking around soon :P

Many many things in motion that I must slave over :) Until next post!!!!!



XPACE : I like taking pictures of signs. haha. The set up by Christopher Hoki Lim was great outside of XPACE. It really felt like the art was pouring out of the Gallery.

Yay! I toook a really bad picture of my work since I'm so super short, but luckily my super best friend boyfriend was there to take a more leveled photo! haha!

Yay! It was a fun night! There were some really awesome exhibits open, but I failed to take pictures in moments of enjoying myself. Maybe I should have put my blog first, hehe. But really, it was truly a "you had to be there" experience, so next all you no go-ers : GO!

Nuit Blanche super duper hurt my feet, but I've taken longer walks :) OMG my worm pillow is soo incomplete!! It's strange that no matter how many things I have to do, I'm always so extremely busy.

Yay ! More updates :

Here is the piece I put into the show, but have yet to post , but here it is :

I also have JUST finished a short narrative comic thangy as a gift ;) But will post it up next time!!! ( Don't want to be late for class! ) But look for it here next post !

Be Awesome!