Nuit Blanche + Me = awesomeness

Hello to all ! After receiving wonder tastic news about Nuit Blanche , I was hit by the worst luck of annoyingness for my trip to school, but that's another story...

If anyone is headed down to check out Nuit Blanche for a sleepless night, you can drop by the XPACE to check out one of my pieces that will be apart of DOUBLE DOUBLE RAINBOW !!! The set up will be right outside of XPACE!

XPACE's address:

58 Ossington Avenue
(north of Queen Street West)

I chose these pieces for the show ... " Looking For Some Trees"

and URT VUL :

ALSO a new piece I have never posted will be there as well :)
but if you do want to check it out : come down from sunset to 1:30AM!!!

Hope to see familiar and new faces !

Next post will probably have snap shots of me down and my future yet to exist night of Nuit Blanche!!


Together , we do it better.

TEAM WORK! Or amalgamation between different entities to become one whole? Watercolor once again and pen! I will be completing a quick narrative comic in the next couple of days! Hopefully it will be up shortly, but for now.. here are some sketches from me sketchbook which I plan on bringing to a final.

Also going to make a worm pillow! and maybe other various animal pillows .


Hair Affair

Love has no boundaries nor limitations. I was listening to a song by Metric and one of the lyrics was

'who put these bodies between us?'

while I was painting this and it seemed like that would be exactly what one hair piece would be whispering to the other.

- Watercolor and pen -


Urt Vul

"The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.”

I liked the idea of something slightly grotesque in appearance lost completely in the admiration of such an ordinary beauty.

Done in watercolor and pen .


Because I'm Looking for Some Trees

Life is goooooodddddd.........
Soooo what has Kara the Banana been up to ? I recent made some wickeddd origami earrings that I was selling at orientation ( I kept my favorite ones because I think they are awesomeness ! )

Brought to you purely from the randomness that is my sketchbook and my mind. ( watercolor on wood ) I actually like how the color is bleeding into the wood grain.

I've been madly addicted to drawing and painting ( once again). Her is the proof : Some sketches from my new sketchbook that I have finally started using!

I'm probably going to bring some of these drawings to finals. which will be posted hur! I really like that last sketch in red - probably that will be the first to be painted :)

Hair Affair ;) Also from my sketchbook but this was completed in acrylic on wood!

zee original sketch :

( this is when my pens started dying so that is the explanation for many different colors :P

In the meannn timeeeeee I'll be either :

a) drawing / painting
b) making something for whodunnit
c) riding my awesome sooo awesome brand new bike that my super fantastic best friend scientist got me yayayaya!
d) at schhooooollllll
e) playing with my doggie Acepoo :)

Till next post!