Return of the Awesomeness

So its been a SUPER long time since my last post!!!! Only because I have been epicly busy! By the beginning of June, I started taking a non toxic printmaking course! Where I learned many different printmaking techniques from screen printing, relief print making, and intaglio! Screen printing is a lot more work than I expected it to be! But I love it! Here will be a quick update and glimpse of all the months I've missed :)



Here is a quick shot of a print I made through relief printmaking! I absolutely love this technique! I used easy to cut lino! ( My first time! ) and I made MANY different prints of this design! I seem to have a fondness for animals <3

Other applications of printmaking :

This is a screen printing technique ( I used an old sketch I was fond of ) I printed on FABRIC!!!! :) I love fabric! So here I sewed it into a pencil case!!! Woot Woot! I love love love CRAFTS!

Can you tell that I LOVE printmaking?! Here is another application I found for my many many many prints !!!! Also I have found a NEW LOVE : sewing!!!!! But that will be in the next post! Here I have handmade many mini booklets and used my art prints as the covers! I'm planning on selling them @ Orientation at OCAD on Sept 2nd at Butter field Park if anyone is interested!!! :) But there will DEFINITELY be more book making and print making and sewing combined!


Quick sketches! Thought I would put it up anyhoo :) Been radically busy!

This is a painting I did for someone who just made their first big move into their new apartment! They are crazy about butterflies! They liked this idea the most, but my favorite parts was how I painted the flowers. The graphic shapes and the symbol like quality it has but yet so organic! Acrylic on canvas.


My first attempt at a human portrait in pastel! MY ace portrait was my first pastel portrait ever! Here I tried to use slight blue hues and purples to suggest reflected light and I didn't want a flat brown /orange/white skin tone kind of picture.


I've also painted a mural for my parents! But here is a temporary sneak preview of it with my family posing beside it because I haven't really been able to get any great quality shots of the painting, but very soon ! They wanted Vietnamese scenery with a whole bunch of different backgrounds! My favorite part is the boat in the water!

*takes big breath of air* whelps that's most of what I've missed, but I've also many multiple animal bags and been sewing a lot ( reconstruction of old clothes + making new clothes and bags), also designed a couple of Tshirts for Alvin Shern's new tshirt company/business/store (so my designs will be available on Tees in store :more on this in the next post! ), and just been enjoying good ol' life as best as I can! And to finish this extravagantly loooong post ... I thought it would be nice to end it with a picture of me on an elephant!


  1. These are totally awesome! I especially love the fish.

  2. Thanks! I have sooo many different prints! hehe I love printmaking! Have you tried it ?