Blah blah blah.. Yay I went to IKEA the other day with my super buddy Raffi and we gots ourselves some fabriks! I found this one that was a giant comic strip! Got the random urge to paint it and put it up on me wall! Along with some other framing ambitions haha.

CLose Up of the Hair ( my favorite part!! tehee ) I did this part!

Close Up of Zee Face! My best friend banana painted the hat and gold areas! TeamWork!

Closer Look at the Fire Breathing Dino Thingy that just came from the Cracked Egg Thingie !

Me! On my pillowcase that I made from the left over fabrik of IKEAness :)

Pikachu Origamies Framed! I love the box frame : perrrfect for origami! I also made these with me best friend! ( a long time ago : killing time before I had class! )

Now you can see what I wake up to every mornn. Well hope this post updates on what I've been spending my time on lately! Now I gotta dip and draw / paint what I think deep fried butter looks like! Grossss! But maybe it'll be up next time. Till then fellow bloggers and online peepers : Do something awesome and creative for me!

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