5 Minutes of Fame

>>> Awesomeness of the awesome!!!! Last night was the launch party for the new awesome magazine HOT MESS ( @ The White House )that Sabrina Scott created.....

I felt like a little thief since I snatched a whole bunch into my little brown bag ( that's a little worn out..probably from over usage and carrying my sketchbook everywhere..even to the most oddest places... )

Here are some snap shots of the evening : ( Ta -Da)

This is Kelly Kelly Vermicelli!

Group Photos!

( Clarice, Theresa, Kelly , Moi, Jae )

( Clarice, Moi, Sabrina, Theresa, Kelly)

Clarice and Me ( one of kelly's awesome instant camera takes! )

And that's that! I think I'll be spending sometime sharing / distributing the magazines to my hometown peeps. So anyone who wants a piece, just gimme a shout!


  1. I loved your picture in this enough to cut it out, frame it, and put it up by my desk. So cute and summery! :)