Sketchbook Overload!

Long TIme No Post - but been busy actually drawing!

Got a new sketchbook last week exactly- and here are most of the things I 've been doing for one week - I'm a little obsessed. . . can you tell? There's more coming! There are some pieces I did in my book but are more individual. Will be posted shortly after this post!

I've been drawing with the micron pens and have been upholding a NO FEAR POLICY when drawing- have faith that I know where to place those lines instead of being scared and making chicken scratches. If I make a mistake- so be it - I'll draw another line until it looks right and so forth... Good Practice and develops your own confidence in your line work- try it out sometime.

Also we've been given an observational sketchbook assignment and I must say that the rule of no shading really EXPOSES your drawing skills, you can't hide behind a nice rendered hand if your proportions are completely off! But a great learning experience all in all.


  1. ahhh Kara!!! looking at these again i noticed that the compositions are really nice~
    and i seriously love the way the leg in this image transforms into the hair~ I LOVE THOSE LINES. haha~
    ahhhhhhh your sketchbook's really inspired me to do more pen/line drawings. (; n ;)9 look forward to seeing more of these!!!

  2. Thanks Kelly- I'm really excited for our painting party- I was thinking we could have a painting picnic and potluck - lol

  3. wow wow!! so great!! there was one... i dont know which one, one where a somebody is holding a game controller and the RIGHT HAND is fantastic!!
    wonderful work kara :D

    oh... i dont know if im signed in or not BUT THIS IS REWFOEEEEE