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For the Hot Mess Summer Chills Magazine . . . .The theme is Summer Chills..

I can't seem to get polar bears or world issues out of my head, so here it is....

Which one to pick???


Propaganda poster!

My try at a propaganda poster; thanks to Andrew for suggesting hand rendering the font!!!

Inspiration was fueled after reading about the current state of the polar bears. The damaging effects of global warming results in factors such as the ice caps not refreezing at the rate they are supposed to. These masses of ice act as the platform for the bears to hunt for food. Lack of platform = lack of food. The devastating part of the article I read was the sightings of older bears resorting to feeding off their cubs. It's tragic, but more tragic that we're responsible.Here are versions with text and none.....


Song Inspired

Another piece inspired whilst listening to the same song mentioned in the previous post...the lyrics in particular....



I had this thought pop in my head when listening to the song 'The Freshman" by The Verve Pipe and I wanted to illustrate it and this is what I got - I think the incomplete face on the shape of the ink sends this across- or I hope it does! But in the end, I got to practice my brush work with ink!


Ink play with a face in the twofold of my sketchbook - thought it was expressing a playful mood!

Lost Identity

A piece I did in my sketchbook by smearing some left over ink- because I don't like wasting things - and I saw a face!! ( There is some oddly huge percentage of the brain that recognizes faces in everything ) Inked over the color ink and ta-da!!!

Sketchbook Overload!

Long TIme No Post - but been busy actually drawing!

Got a new sketchbook last week exactly- and here are most of the things I 've been doing for one week - I'm a little obsessed. . . can you tell? There's more coming! There are some pieces I did in my book but are more individual. Will be posted shortly after this post!

I've been drawing with the micron pens and have been upholding a NO FEAR POLICY when drawing- have faith that I know where to place those lines instead of being scared and making chicken scratches. If I make a mistake- so be it - I'll draw another line until it looks right and so forth... Good Practice and develops your own confidence in your line work- try it out sometime.

Also we've been given an observational sketchbook assignment and I must say that the rule of no shading really EXPOSES your drawing skills, you can't hide behind a nice rendered hand if your proportions are completely off! But a great learning experience all in all.