Married To War

Personal Piece for reading week . Inspired by the horrible tradition of bride kidnapping where a man and his relatives kidnap a woman he wants to marry and keeps her hostage until her will breaks or lets her go. In other countries, some are not so lucky as they are raped and forced into the marriage as the chance of someone else marrying a pregnant woman is low.


Just Experimenting!

as the title says.. Trying brighter colors than I usually pick..


I drew this onion guy on a piece of cut paper where I saw the shape of a head. A story came into my head about a lonely onion. All he wants is some friends, but it seems that he quite often offends with his chemical releases of his onion scent. Looking forward to making a small story with this idea.

Lies and Shame

Experimentation with collage and drawing :)


Life Drawing :P

I was too lazy to carry my big board with newsprint, charcoal, and other typical things I carry to life drawing - so I just brought colored + textured card stock pad with my pencil case and got to it- pretty fun and got some pretty neat stuff with it - I may take this little drawings a little further!


Music Monster

Assignment was to illustrate a CD cover for a track we were sent .

I tried to depict how the sound felt when I was listening to the song.