Halloween Spirit!@

Pumpkins! Tip for pumpkin carving - start carving the design from inside out - because it gets very fragile after!


All You Need For a Good TIme

No, not mints!!! ( although those cinnamon flavor ones weren't bad!)

Personalized watercolor kit! Completely travel accommodating . Now there are no excuses!

Water brushes come in a variety of sizes and you choose your color palette:) Easy Peasy. ( Don't forget a small sheet of towel paper to dab and clean your brush! )

..I feel like a cheap advertisement....:)

Sketch for Today


Homemade Alien...

I was at Currys today and there was this really nice 'oatmeal' sketchbook - but I was stingy and went home and cut a bunch of kraft paper I had and made my own book! so here is the first installment in my homemade book :)

Nightmares of Telemarketing



I might not have enough time to post sketch /drawing/work tomorrow - so just in case -here you go ! ( probably will . I've be drawing and making art like madness lately and i love it! )

Panda Bowl!

I made this papier mache panda bowl in the summer :)


sketch for today :) I was covering up a part of the drawing I didn't like with scraps of manila paper - then they appeared in mind as animals so I gave them faces and animal characteristics.



Sketch for Today

Did this in class... while waiting for one on one critiques with the teacher - this was my vision for a tattoo for the longest time - finally put it on paper!

I'll add color and stuff later@


Salmon sickness

Felt a little sick after eating some salmon sushi the other day - so I drew my paranoia of something manifesting from the salmon ( to attack my system ) . I t was all just hysteria because I'm fine .

Legs Are All The Rage

These are the missed sketches - I colored them on Illustrator :) All in good fun ~


Beginning of a Daily Sketch

Decided to get on the bandwagon...of a uploading a daily sketch :) This one is from a couple of days ago- sketches from today haven't been scanned. But its about "Everyone looks better with a moostache" even that little unknown brown droplet shape has a moostache. *and patrick star from spongebob too! ( in my imaginary world - yes he is bearded. )

sketches away!!! Hopefully this helps me draw more :)

Eat Healthy for Your Baby


Last Thoughts

doodle from my sketchbook ( just played with it on the computer :)

Comic Thoughts

Holey Panda :) Based on a saying : Never play leapfrog with a unicorn ( obviously has a different meaning than this :)