Illustration Assignments of The Past

Illustrate the day of the dead : skeletons partying in a tequila bottle.

Still Life

We were given a list of items and were to pick 3 items and create a story :
I choose couple dancing , two people rowing, and a heart..(twisted the meaning of the couple around to an underwater demon couple dancing.
(Finish the sentence Love is..)
I know jess likes the colored version, but I think my rough sketch turned out better :)

Depict yourself at 10 years old

Given a poem to illustrate

Was to create a poster for our more sustainable solution for a wasteful company.
My idea was instead of throwing away Christmas window decor, why don't we iron them onto book bags and reuse them.

Same assignment as the pick three items. Had the same teacher twice and he was absent so I suppose this was his back-up assignment.

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