No one is guaranteed a full eighty year life span. Everyone likes to believe they are automatically going to live and die of old age and of course this would be wonderful. Yet not everyone is so fortunate. You can die within the next 5 minutes. You are not guaranteed any amount of time here. With that in mind, are you content with you life? Are you grateful for every single little seemingly insignificant thing you are so extremely lucky to have? That you are a complex, breathing, living, and intelligent being. Just knowing how unexpected and abrupt things in life can deliver to you, does it seem to make any sense to spend your time unnecessarily in agony and sorrow?

To put yourself in misery, when your time could be better put towards the appreciation of who you have become, your triumphs, your growth, your fortune/blessings. Remember that even when you've experienced a great loss, you will still have a bounty of amazing things ( that are often taken for granted) Like a great friend once told me " The wheel never stops spinning. Moments, you're up , others you are down, but that never changes who you are. "

I forget to breath sometimes in deep moments of my appreciation. I remember to never take my fortunate standing in life for granted, no matter how small. Sometimes I over think and fear that all I have will be lost one day. I remind myself that everything is transient and nothing lasts forever. Once I grasped this concept, I became stronger emotionally and mentally.

All that matters is that I appreciate and remember to show that appreciation because if I were to lose anything, I would have peace of mind knowing that time when I was lucky enough to have it, I did not waste it ( never taking it for granted) and made the best with the time I was given with it. Never forgetting the value of every little thing I am so blessed to have from the clothes on my back, to clean water to drink, a warm home to go to every night, art supplies, the ability to be physically active, and the list can go on for an eternity.

" feeling appreciation and not showing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it ".

I just have to say that people generally have more than they'd like to think or notice. Besides, its nicer and makes me more content to appreciate what I have rather want and want and want what I do not have,

Think about it this way, If I want what I already have - there is nothing lacking.

like this other quote ( sorry I love quotes )

" Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not. Remember that what you have now was once amongst the things you could only hope for "



" I am Ready... For My Transformation "


Sketch of today

in my homemade kraft sketchbook :) trying to navigate away from birds :)



..during another class critique... :)


Hummingbird :)

Second bird I'd thought to do was a hummingbird. I personally like how the block patterning stretched beyond the body of the bird :)


Bird Talk

What having my mint watercolor kit, water brushes, and a very dull class can do :P



Assignment for digital media class : create a a DVD cover for an existing movie : Apocalypto!


Halloween Spirit!@

Pumpkins! Tip for pumpkin carving - start carving the design from inside out - because it gets very fragile after!


All You Need For a Good TIme

No, not mints!!! ( although those cinnamon flavor ones weren't bad!)

Personalized watercolor kit! Completely travel accommodating . Now there are no excuses!

Water brushes come in a variety of sizes and you choose your color palette:) Easy Peasy. ( Don't forget a small sheet of towel paper to dab and clean your brush! )

..I feel like a cheap advertisement....:)

Sketch for Today


Homemade Alien...

I was at Currys today and there was this really nice 'oatmeal' sketchbook - but I was stingy and went home and cut a bunch of kraft paper I had and made my own book! so here is the first installment in my homemade book :)

Nightmares of Telemarketing



I might not have enough time to post sketch /drawing/work tomorrow - so just in case -here you go ! ( probably will . I've be drawing and making art like madness lately and i love it! )

Panda Bowl!

I made this papier mache panda bowl in the summer :)


sketch for today :) I was covering up a part of the drawing I didn't like with scraps of manila paper - then they appeared in mind as animals so I gave them faces and animal characteristics.



Sketch for Today

Did this in class... while waiting for one on one critiques with the teacher - this was my vision for a tattoo for the longest time - finally put it on paper!

I'll add color and stuff later@


Salmon sickness

Felt a little sick after eating some salmon sushi the other day - so I drew my paranoia of something manifesting from the salmon ( to attack my system ) . I t was all just hysteria because I'm fine .

Legs Are All The Rage

These are the missed sketches - I colored them on Illustrator :) All in good fun ~


Beginning of a Daily Sketch

Decided to get on the bandwagon...of a uploading a daily sketch :) This one is from a couple of days ago- sketches from today haven't been scanned. But its about "Everyone looks better with a moostache" even that little unknown brown droplet shape has a moostache. *and patrick star from spongebob too! ( in my imaginary world - yes he is bearded. )

sketches away!!! Hopefully this helps me draw more :)

Eat Healthy for Your Baby


Last Thoughts

doodle from my sketchbook ( just played with it on the computer :)

Comic Thoughts

Holey Panda :) Based on a saying : Never play leapfrog with a unicorn ( obviously has a different meaning than this :)


Doodle my Noodle

Just a couple of doodles that I scanned and messed around with... Love doodling!


Fan Work

The Godfather in charcoal.

Predator in acrylics .

Working on a BOLT fan poster... for myself. I love that movie- will post when it's done :)

All In Good Fun

Lately, I've found myself compelled to draw odd characters for lots of super fun... blue tooth man there is my favorite . :)


Hand Sketches

Illustration Assignments of The Past

Illustrate the day of the dead : skeletons partying in a tequila bottle.

Still Life

We were given a list of items and were to pick 3 items and create a story :
I choose couple dancing , two people rowing, and a heart..(twisted the meaning of the couple around to an underwater demon couple dancing.
(Finish the sentence Love is..)
I know jess likes the colored version, but I think my rough sketch turned out better :)

Depict yourself at 10 years old

Given a poem to illustrate

Was to create a poster for our more sustainable solution for a wasteful company.
My idea was instead of throwing away Christmas window decor, why don't we iron them onto book bags and reuse them.

Same assignment as the pick three items. Had the same teacher twice and he was absent so I suppose this was his back-up assignment.