Brush off the dust//

I've been working on myself for several months with the time I have been given.  I have spent a huge chunk of my life simply working on myself. I think that anyone who feels 'stuck' has to start moving in some way to become unstuck. Although I thought it would be an overnight process and that the motivation would come rushing back in a month or two, the truth is.. the feeling never subsided.

I have been able to spend time discovering things I never had the time to before. I was miserable, uninspired, stuck, and feeling lost. I spent the last few months learning how to swim, getting in better shape, spending time with family + friends, having fun, talking it out to a therapist, and discovering what is truly important to me. I never realized how muddled those simple things can be. I thought that I would always know what was truly important to me, but I wondered back then why I was letting those 'important' things get sidelined.  I guess the bills had to be paid and the idea of what I 'should' do got twisted in my head. I should get a full time job and work and work and work to save for my future and so forth, but along the way, I lost my sight of what I want to do, not what I should do.

Anyways, I guess that's why I am writing this now. I don't feel like I am completely done searching and experimenting, but things don't feel so foggy anymore. I read an article somewhere that said that when you stop and start to fight for the happiness you deserve, the universe lines up to help you. I wanted to believe it and I decided to do what I wanted to do most, despite everything I thought I should do. I worked up that courage to put myself + happiness first, regardless, but before I even had to, something better happened. That's all I'm going to say and it's allowed me to have exactly what I needed and wanted - time to do some soul searching. I mean I hope it works out that way for everyone. You just have to meet the universe half way. And so I present you with this amazing thing down herreeeee:

So with all that said, I finally did something productive- I updated my website! (mainly design work I had from my previous job) so check it out - promise you won't be disappointed! Check it out here!
The two pages I updated was design + editorial + illustration.


NEW Illustration /Drawing Thing

Found this drawing in my old sketchbook and decided to mission it all the way to completion! Drawn in ink on paper and added final touches with Photoshop! I think it's pretty creepy = turned out well.

I remember starting this a few years back so I'm glad I finally finished it!


Home Relief Printmaking 101!

I have had this lino cut I carved from a year ago! Can you say "procrastination"? No worries though, I finally printed them! I made prints and books for my super buddhist parents. As soon as I showed them, they were very pleased, but also asking me to make them a number of other buddhist things!

Here is a little how-to: ( my homemade version ) 

first round of prints! i find that it prints better on fine paper than thick paper.

 next lino cut i'm carving! i like to cut out the shape outlines and then carve out the rest! remember it will print out a reversed version, so consider that in your design before carving!

 i did not buy printmaking paint, because it was so expensive for such a little tube and i wasn't sure if it was waterproof.  The oil based one which was waterproof needed a lot of other "things" to clean up after.

My trick : mix acrylic + retarder ( both can be found at any art store ) i have plenty of both already so it was perfect! 

but be careful! you have to test it out, if you add too much retarder, it's too goopy and will make your prints a bloody mess, too dry, it will not print well. so a little trial + error but once you get it, you can use ANY COLOR you want to print! Definitely worth it!! 

at first i used a spoon to press the paper onto the linocut, but later tried using my retarder bottle in attempt to recreate the giant rollers i used in printmaking class = worked a lot better!

 i taped a piece of yarn across my wall and hung up my wet prints to dry! otherwise they might smudge!

doing anything is always better with company!
( i used an old corner shelf that i never put up as the palette and paint rolling area.. i don't have marble slab tables like OCADU's printmaking studio, but it still works!)

 he's such a perfectionist, "I must align it properly!" 

what a beautiful mess i have made!

I hope this will help anyone looking to try relief printmaking at home! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them or email me, it's always welcomed.

'Til next time, keep doing art!!!


Hypnotize Me.... Hypnotize You.

It's been a long time since I have drawn or completed an illustration! I think I overloaded myself in my final year.. TOO MUCH STUFF >.<  Now I'm really finding myself bringing everything back to basics and concentrating more on what I truly want to be doing.  

So I'm happy to be back and get all the ideas flowing again! 

Here is an illustration I did concerning today's technological revolution creating a need to search for meaning. Done in watercolor and Photoshop. 


Knitted Love

It's been a terribly long time since my last post!  Things have been kind of topsy turvy, but I'm back on track!  Starting to get things together and develop more ideas... how mysterious and vague does that sound?

Since then, I have developed a new long for knitting.  In fact, I knitted this small cowl for a close friend of mine for last christmas!  I got these cute little tags from Michaels Arts and Craft Store.  I think it's an adorable little extra that makes the scarf that much nicer. It was super fun to make and I think Jessica really liked it so win + win!


Updated Site~~

Yes. It is as it says! Check it out! You won't be disappointed!





I've finally made it! Tonight is the opening night for the grad show! Open until Sunday! Come see the year round work of all the graduates tonight!  I'll post up my work, photos after the show!!  See you all there!